Avid Disc Brake Review: Get Them For Improved Riding Experience

Bikes have always been one of the most preferred vehicles for the young generation. If you don’t ride bikes while young then your youth is incomplete. The thrill of playing with the speed and with the wind can take you to a completely different world.

The relation between bikes and young boys has always been quite exciting. But this excitement or so called fun can only sustain if the condition of the bike is well from all aspects.

In order to maintain the performance level of any bike, it should be repaired at a regular interval. There are different parts of this machine and each of those parts is important.

Talking about the important bike parts, brakes come first in the list. Brakes at both the wheels of a bike are important. Two types of brakes are mostly used disk brakes and drum brakes. In general, disk brakes are used in the front wheel and drum brakes are used in the back wheel.

But in the modern machines, disk brakes are used for both wheels. Since it is one of the most important parts of any bike, a special care should always be taken. Apart from the performance, brakes are also important for the safety of the rider. So, if you are planning for repairing your bike, you should firstly repair the brakes.

Avid Elixir Disk Brakes

Talking about the brakes, there is only one incredible option that is Avid disk brakes. In terms of the safety, design, engineering no other disk brakes can match its level. Applying this brake in your bike will allow you to enjoy the ride with an improved level of confidence.

Well, Avid is one of the most famous brands in the cycling industry, it produces the brakes majorly. Avid produces many types of brakes such as hydraulic brakes, rim brakes, elixir brakes etc. In this article we are going to discuss about Elixir brakes.

Elixir brakes use the advanced engineering for a simple goal, to provide better control for the bikes. This patented design saves weight and improves lever feedback for confidence and control of the bike. These bikes are developed and tested in the rough terrain of Colorado, so you can take the bike to the next level of riding.

Avid Elixir brakes were redesigned some time ago and the major work was focused with the master cylinder, which was not to give more consistency but deliver more power and make the brakes easier to work.

It’s a combination of different technologies like Bend Zone, Power Reserve Geometry, Reach Adjust, TaperBore Technology. All these technologies in the combination provide a better riding experience. And the best part is such an improved engineered brake is available at an amazingly affordable price.

Avid Elixir 9 Trail Review


The all new Elixir 9 trail rejects limitation and gives you lightweight XC efficiency combined with the monster all mountain power. The 4 piston dual diameter calliper and with trail tuned modulation, it gives more control and confidence for an off road situation.

The biggest news is the Elixir 9 trail’s four piston design was reserved for bigger downhill and free ride type bikes. Avid’s threaded cable barb negates the need for messing about the pliers and hammers. At the weight of 247g, the brakes weigh a drop less than the equivalent two piston Shimano XT brake.

The Elixir 9 trails aren’t all about huge power only. On slower, tricky paths they offer plenty of early and mid-stroke lever feel, where they could prove too grabby. There wasn’t a trace of rattle from the top loading pads either and from calliper alignments, they remained fault free over a whole summer’s worth of nearly daily riding.

Avid Elixir 7 Review

Avid’s brake has a great use, from their cross country intended XX brakes, to the powerful stoppers that are mostly seen bolted to downhill bikes.

The 350 grams Elixir 7 tested here sit one down from the top range and feature adjustable reach via a redesigned tool less dial, a carbon or aluminium lever blade option and also come with the HS1 rotor that are less prone to noise. The Elixir 7 brakes are available in both grey and silver colours.

The Avid Elixir series constitutes a number of various updates that look to improve on the recent models in many categories, they need to be thought of new platform and change the design of new brakes.

The biggest change have taken place internally, with the Elixir line up making use of Avid’s Taperbore internal that are said to not only offer increased long term reliability but also better heat resistance and more effective bleeding.

The design of brakes seals off the master cylinder by forcing the plunger’s O-ring into a tapered barrel as the brake lever is pulled. These brakes have a great and effective heat management, but it also allow Avid’s engineers better fine tune the system’s power and modulations to suit the brake’s work.

Moreover in long run they are beneficial, is the fact that the sealing O-ring no longer passes over the timing port like within more better and great designs, meaning that is less likely to become tear over time.

Avid DB1 Review

AVID DB1 is another passage level of Hydraulic Brake set in 2014. Complete with the exceptionally smooth control of Taperbore innovation coordinated inside the smooth able to use both hands lever body, tooled achieve conform and two-piece top-stacking caliper. The awesome features include:

Bend Zone™:  Bend Zone permits the lever to flex, sparing the lever body from gigantic slaughter. Not just will you have the capacity to ride out of the forested areas without depending on Flintstone-style braking, you won’t even need to get another lever body.

Power Reserve Geometry: At the end of the day, a brake lever just products the pressure you to reveal more than was prudent produces (much the same as the nut saltine). Ardent’s Power Reserve Geometry™represents a method for pondering the material science of influence and your hand’s solace. This rationality is in a far-reaching way unique in relation to others in the matter of brakes.

Because of turn arrangement, material science manages that with other brake levers your fingers have a tendency to slip off the finishes as you force. Enthusiastic is distinctive. We planned our levers with the turn closer to the handlebar, indeed, closer than any other individual in the business. The ensuing lever development has less internal travel, a bend that is closer to your fingers’ common movement and conveys more constrain to the brake. The cool part is, each Avid db1 lever has it.

Reach Adjust: Brake lever fit and feel is an individual thing. Riders have individual situating inclination, and also interesting hand sizes and finger lengths. Achieve Adjust makes it simple to change your lever for most extreme one-finger control for everybody.

Taperbore Technology™: The expression “Taperbore” alludes to an exceptional patent-pending conclusion framework in our Elixir and Code levers. It spares weight, looks super-smooth, enhances lever input and most importantly–gives you morpower and control.