Shimano Bike Disc Brake Set Review: Its About Enhancing Your Biking Performance

When it comes to top bicycle brakes you’ve got to choose Shimano’s disc brakes. Shimano Inc. is multibillion dollars company that excels in creating quality and high performance parts for bicycles. When it comes to creating only the best you should know, you need to turn to Shimano Company. With their heat spreading technology, great materials used in production such as carbon fibers, polyester and highly durable steel Shimano’s disc brakes are indeed state-of-the-art masterpieces.

Especially good quality products that Shimano offers are DEORE groupset, in which they offer only the best parts for most competitive prices on the market. Creating bike parts goes back all the way to 1970ies for Shimano, so you should get the idea how much experience and knowledge they have in the business.

Before DEORE groupset only included “triple-chainring crankset, front and rear derailleurs, handlebar-mounted “finger” shifters, cantilever brakes, and large-flange hubs”, but they have extended their offer to include a complete” wheelset, hydraulic disc brakes, bike chain, and clipless pedals”. All of the parts are available in black and silver colors. Constant working on creative and sturdy parts, have made them number one company when it comes to quality bicycle parts.

Unmatched experience in creating good bicycle parts has made Shimano number one Japanese company. Their investment in clean air transportation is clear to see, as they are founding member of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility.

Prime concern for Global Alliance for EcoMobility is keeping in check all the cars and other gasoline propelled vehicles, as they are polluting our air and earth and that’s something Shimano is passionate about fighting against. That’s why they are promoting clean air transportation, such as bicycles, to preserve our planet for generations to come.

When it comes to top performing parts, always go with Shimano parts.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Disc Brake System

While choosing the best disc brake system for you, it is necessary to consider some important things in order to prevent accidents and improve efficiency.

Parts of the Disc Brake

The Rotor is the main part or you can say the disc part of the disc brake. They are available in a variety of patterns and usually have a thickness around 1mm. The diameter of rotor varies according to your bike and discipline as well. The next part which you should check for is the caliper. This part of the Shimano disc brake, includes the brake pads.

Its location could be either on the rear of the frame or the front. In case of bike, this system starts functioning when the pads located inside the calipers get forced on the disc element. This whole process creates friction and it is quite effective as it slows down the bike to a halt. You can choose either hydraulic or mechanical but it’s recommended to use hydraulic Shimano disc brakes for better efficiency.

Is this brake system is worth buying?

As the disc brake system is totally a new kind of system and are mostly found in modern and newly manufactured bikes so it is really difficult to say that whether it will get fit into particular bikes or not. If you seriously want to consider installing this component to your bike then you need to look out for the frame and the wheel as well. The wheels need to have the exact same holes where the disc will be fixed.

Yes, Shimano disc brakes are absolutely worth buying as it is a lot better than the traditional braking system. It lets you control the brake with ease and if you forcefully press the brake then it will offer you more braking power. The only concern is that you need to check whether it will get fit in your bike or you need to buy the new one.